Arthur R. Edington Education and Career Center

The Asheville Housing Authority purchased the building from the City of Asheville in 2012.  The once African American Livingston Street School was a Parks and Recreation center after integration of the school systems.  After a three year renovation by the housing authority, the building was dedicated as the Arthur R. Edington Education and Career Center on November 1, 2014 and will once again prioritize education.

To rent a space within the facility, please contact Shaunda Jackson at (828) 239-3542 or For convenience, click here to download the rental application.

A core principal in our vision for the building is engagement of the surrounding community. As such, the renovation of the building itself provided ongoing opportunities to train and employ locals, especially public housing residents.

The facility will predominately be used for the benefit of public housing residents, but will be open to the neighborhood residents. HACA and its strategic partners are committed to modernizing the Center, improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of the existing building, and using the renovation itself as a training opportunity for underemployed community residents.

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