Welcome to HACA

As a High Performing Housing Authority that assists over 6,000 Asheville residents, the Housing Authority of the City of Asheville (HACA) owns and operates 1,500 units of conventional public housing in 10 developments throughout Asheville. HACA also manages the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) that provides rental vouchers for more than 1,350 units of housing in the private market.

*The Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program waitlist is not open and will not accept applications until further notice*

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Upcoming Board Meeting

The next HACA Board Meeting is Wednesday, August 27th at 6pm located at the Central Office, 165 S.French Broad Ave.  For reference, here is the Board Packet.

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Upcoming community events

Join Asheville GreenWorks with clean ups and cookouts in four communities.  Southside: August 18th  9am-5pm

Pisgah View: August 30th  10am-4pm

Deaverview: September 13th  10am-4pm

Klondyke/Hillcrest:September 27th  10am-4pm

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Public Comment Requested

The Housing Authority has posted a draft update of its Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan for public comment. Please note that this is a general update of the full policy. It includes RAD provisions, but is not primarily RAD related. Written comments will be accepted for the next 30 days. Please send them to bwoodard@haca.org. This policy will be placed on the Board of Commissioners’ agenda for approval on September 24, 2014.

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Public Comment Requested-Revised

Attached is the draft RAD Conversion Lease. Comments will be received through September 14 at DSwann@haca.org, and the Lease will be on the Board of Commissioners’ agenda for approval at their meeting on August 27. The final approved lease will need to be signed ahead of time, but will only go into effect on the official RAD conversion date.

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Follow us on Twitter

We recently launched a Twitter account @AvlHousingAuth.  Follow us for up to date info on RAD, the Arthur R. Edington Center formerly Reid Center, public comment periods, job opportunities, etc.  If there is something you would like us to provide more info on, let us know.  Through transparency we gain trust. 

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Changes to Flat Rent

Changes to flat rent in public housing will be effective October 20, 2014.  Please review the Flat Rent Significant Amendment document for full detail.  Contact us with questions.

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2014 Board Schedule

Click the link for the 2014 Board Meeting Schedule.  The Board of Directors meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6pm.  The location rotates among the development community rooms.

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Reid Center Renovation on track

Reid Center construction on track for completion in Summer of 2014

By Serena Shah-Green Opportunities In W.C. Reid Center

Construction on the center is moving along on schedule with nearly all of the new mechanical systems roughed in. Outside new curbs and sidewalks are being installed around the building along with two separate rainwater retention cisterns and rain gardens all designed to reuse and reduce rainwater runoff. On the inside of the center the new elevator shaft is taking  shape near the north entrance.  All the new interior door frames are now onsite and being installed.  The front clearstory has elevated the south interior entrance by nearly 18 feet and created a bright and welcoming space.


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