Over the past few months, there have been an increase in the number of gun related incidents that have occurred within the various housing developments. Many of the violent acts have taken place during the day when children were outside playing. As you are keenly aware, we don’t condone those types of activities nor does the Asheville Housing Authority support the individuals who commit those acts. We appreciate those residents who are willing to work with the officers from the Asheville Police Department to bring to justice those who committed the crimes.

The staff members of Asheville Housing are committed to working with the residents and the officers of the Asheville Police Department in order to make the developments safer. In addition to being willing to work towards safer communities, the staff is working to develop stronger partnerships with agencies throughout Buncombe County to provide opportunities for them to work with the residents of Asheville Housing.

Recently, Asheville Housing’s Family Self Sufficiency’s (FSS) staff and staff from the SNAP to Skills Employment and Training program are partnering with several organizations to host a series of educational programs this summer. The series is entitled: Community Engagement Social: Get Up! Get Out! Get Something! The Community Engagement Social events are free and offer residents who attend the opportunity to learn about the various programs and services that are available within the community. There will be activities for children, and free food provided at each event.

In closing, please know that our staff is committed to working with each of you in order to make each of our developments safer. We are also committed to increasing your awareness about the various programs and services that are available within our area. By working together, we will be able to achieve great things for you and your neighbors.


Gene O. Bell