The Asheville Housing Authority is taking health and wellness to heart.  Several members of the staff have formed a Health and Wellness Committee to provide information on nutrition and exercise to the other co-workers.  The Health and Wellness Committee recently hosted a “Wellness Breakfast” for the staff to discuss the committee’s work, and provide an informative presentation on the significant role nutrition plays in an employee’s productivity level on a daily basis.

During the breakfast, Gene Bell, Chief Executive Officer of the Asheville Housing Authority, highlighted how important it was for the staff to develop a healthy lifestyle for themselves. The programs and services that  the Health and Wellness Committee are offering will help individuals who participate in them at work, individuals must develop a healthy lifesytle outside of work as well.

This sentiment was echoed in the Health and Wellness Committee member’s, Michelle Moore, presentation.  During Moore’s presentation, she noted,  “Foods we eat influence all aspects of our life: our physical well-being, mental health and work performance.”  She continued by providing concrete ways individuals could make healthier choices each time that they eat a meal.  The small modifications would eventually make significant changes in the lives of those who decide to better their eating habits.  Additionally, she noted that, “People often associate nutrition with weight maintenance, but eating well is just as important for nourishing the brain.”

The “Wellness Breakfast” concluded with two Health and Wellness Committee members, Lindsey Creasman and Eric Robinson, providing their personal weight loss and lifesytle modification journeys.  They both have loss weight by making small changes to their daily diets, which included reducing the sugary drink intake and their food portion sizes.  As they shared their stories, many of their co-workers laughed at the humor that could be found in how Lindsey and Eric used to eat using unhealthy habits.

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Michelle Moore’s presentation can be accessed through the link below.

Nutrition and Productivity Presentation