Rental property owners can enjoy the benefits of renting through the Housing Choice Voucher Program and help meet the critical need for affordable housing in Buncombe County. Here are a few key reasons why you may want to consider leveraging this subsidized housing program:

On-time and convenient payments – Receive your Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) – which may be all of the rent, or a significant portion depending on family income – from the Asheville Housing Authority on time every month by direct deposit into your bank account.

Protection from tenant’s financial hardships – Any time a tenant renting through the program experiences an income change, their rent portion is adjusted. For a tenant experiencing a loss of income, this means his/her rent portion is reduced and Asheville Housing’s HAP is increased. This helps to minimize evictions for the tenant and unit turnaround expenses for the owner.

Free access to a pool of potential tenants and low-cost marketing – Asheville Housing’s voucher program provides housing assistance to thousands of tenants in Buncombe County. When searching for available rental properties, these tenants are referred to As a rental property owner, you can create a free account, list your available rental properties, and review tenant profiles. If you prefer, for a small fee, you can create a premium listing to gain more attention to your rental property when tenants are searching.

Short Vacancies – New and existing tenants renting through Asheville Housing’s voucher program are always in need of affordable housing in Buncombe County and owners who will rent to them through the Housing Choice Voucher Program, so filling a vacancy is a pretty quick process.

Landlord Mitigation Fund – Asheville Housing has a damage mitigation fund to help owners in the rare case of a tenant causing excessive damage to an apartment.

For more information on participating as a property owner, please contact:

Michelle Moore, Outreach Coordinator

Housing Choice Voucher Program

Direct line: 828.239.2541