Bartlett Residents and RaynettaBartlett Arms apartments is the pilot site for one of the Asheville Housing Authority’s newest efforts; agency owned and managed laundry rooms. The residents of Bartlett Arms, led by their Resident President, Elaine Edwards, were instrumental in the development of the new laundry room at Bartlett Arms. Edwards highlighted the need for a renovated laundry room at a Board of Commissioners’ meeting. She stated that the residents wanted time saving machines that were more energy efficient while also providing for better access for residents with disabilities, and the Board of Commissioners and staff responded. The staff not only installed new washers and dryers, they also renovated the entire laundry room making it more cheerful and handicapped accessible.

After the ribbon cutting for the newly renovated laundry room, Edwards returned to a Board of Commissioners’ meeting and thanked the Commissioners and staff for responding to the residents in a timely and professional manner.

Elaine Edwards

Thanks in part to efforts of the residents of Bartlett Arms and Edwards, the Garden Apartments and Altamont Apartments’ laundry rooms are in the process of being renovated. Aston Park Towers’ laundry room is getting renovated next!

Asheville Housing Authority’s staff responded to Edwards and the Residents of Bartlett Arms using the Core Values of Respect, Compassion, Openness, Equity, Integrity, Fairness, and Patience. Asheville Housing Authority’s staff is committed to working with residents to improve the quality of service that is provided, while working with residents to improve their quality of life.