Employee Benefits



Benefit Package for New Employees of the Housing Authority of the City of Asheville

1. WellPath Select, Inc.
Phone: 1.800.935.7284

Medical and Vision Insurance
Benefit is held with WellPath Select, which has an excellent network of doctors and hospitals in Western NC. The deductible will be a plan year deductible beginning August 1st.  The Housing Authority pays 100% of the employee premium and 65% of the remaining premium for additional plans.

2. Unum Life Insurance Company
Phone: 866-679-3054

Benefit is held with Unum insurance company for Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage, Short Term Disability, and Long Term Disability.  The Housing Authority pays 100% of the cost of Life and Disability coverage with Lincoln National.  The Voluntary Life Insurance for self and dependents is contributory.

Life Insurance
Life insurance coverage is for the amount of 2X annual salary not exceeding $100,000.  The Housing Authority pays 100% of the cost.

Short Term Disability
Benefits are 60% of weekly salary and starts the first day of accident, 8th day for sickness, and for a maximum of 13 weeks.  This coverage is off-the-job, since workers compensation is supplied for any accident at work.  The Housing Authority pays 100% of the cost.

Long Term Disability
Benefit commences at the end of a Short Term Disability claim.  This benefit is 24 hour coverage (on and off the job) and will pay you until the later of age 65 or SSNRA.  The Housing Authority pays 100% of the cost.

3. Ameritas Dental Insurance
Phone: 800-487-5553

The maximum benefit is $2000.  Children and adults are covered for orthodontia benefits (up to $1000) diagnostic and preventive services are paid at 100%, basic procedures are paid at 80%, including endodontics and peridontics.  Major benefits, including crowns and dentures are paid at 50%.  The Housing Authority pays 100% of the employee premium and 65% of the remaining premium for additional plans.

4. HART (Housing Authority Retirement Trust) managed by ADP Financial Services
Phone: 1.800.798.2044

Retirement Plan
Retirement is a 414(h)(2) plan with The Housing-Renewal & Local Agency Retirement Plan.  The Housing Authority contributes 4% (subject to HACA’s budget availability) and the employee contributes 1.5% of the employee’s income.  The plan has multiple investment options where percentages can be changed daily.  This plan offers employee loans.  There is a service provided which offers comprehensive investment advice.  Employees become 100% vested at five (5) years of full time employment.

Other Services Available:

*These are Voluntary (at the expense of the employee only).  You do not have to sign up for them.

Janney & Janice Husebo
Phone: 1.828.296.9400
All policies–from accident/disability to vision–offer direct-to-the-policyholder cash payouts to help cover what other insurance doesn’t.  Aflac policies cover just about any need.

6. EAN, Employee Assistance Network, Inc.
Phone: 1.828.252.5725
This is a free service for employees and family members who are experiencing family, emotional or other problems.  Individuals receive three (3) free counseling sessions.  Refer to pamphlet or website for further detail.

7. Wellness Program
Carol Severance, Membership Coordinator
Phone: 1.828.254.7206 x105
Employees and family members receive a $25 gym membership discount with attendance to the gym, pool, classes, health fairs, physical training session, or massage session eight (8) times/month.